Rectors of Ardingly

The brass plaque erected in the church to the memory of Rev. Lee Booker who researched the history of the church for many years. See also Mary Holgate’s later research here and via the links to individual incumbents.

Rectors of Ardingly 1200-1911


1200 Quentinus1558 Willm Moorey
1249 Thomas1564 John Culpeper
1276 Robert de Aete1590 Richard Ward
1366 R de Wenlynburgh1605 Richard Kitson
1375 Thomas Wilford1625 Richard Teynton
1381 John Kemele1643 John Winge
1385 John Compton1644 Geo. Bladworth
1385 John Eyles1644 John Braine
1402 John Welles1662 Ralph Rotherham
1407 John Stoke1667 Steph. Robrough
1413 John Harengay1724 Charles Lyddell
1413 Wm. Goodbarn1757 Timothy Browne
1484 Thos. Taylour1805 Henry Chatfield
1486 Hugo Lenarde1819 William Davies
1486 Edwd Dughty1820 Parnell T.B. Hicks
1508 John Rogers1825 Robt W. Thomson
1511 Ninian Burrell1826 James Hamilton
1530 Thos. Cheyney1844 WP Haslewood
1530 John Worthall1875 James Bowden
1550 James Shawe1911 John L. Brack
This List of Rectors prepared by the late Rev J. H. Lee Booker M.A. Curate of Ardingly 1883-1888, is placed here in grateful recognition of the labour and research which he devoted to the history of this Church and Parish. He died Vicar of Elmbridge, Worcestershire. 19th Aug. 1905.
Rectors of Ardingly 1942-2006

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