Balcombe Fields

Another parcel of 10 acres, called Balcombe fields, in Ardingly, is also recorded in the Ditchling Manor books as held by the Bray family from 1598. In 1738 they were still holding it with Hooklands, and Lyndersland containing 24 acres. Brays and Lyndersland appears as a farm name in the Title Map of 1839-40, but recently a silly mistake has grown up through an uncorrected printer’s error and the second name appears as Sindersland. The Rev. Henry Chatfield, Rector of Ardingly and Balcombe, who died in 1819, was possessed of Hayland als Hookland. Balcombe Fields, 12 acres in Ardingly, Lyndersland als Southlands, besides lands in Balcombe. He also held Perimans, which we know as Pearmints. All these lands came to him by inheritance from the Bray family on the female side.

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