Adjoining La Cerne is another small portion of the Manor of Plumpton Boscage called Beadles. It was held at one time by the Backshall family and is mentioned in the inquisition held as to Richard Baxshill’s estate after his death in 1591, when he was found possessed of, amongst other lands, Bedelland in Ardingly. It is still represented by Beadles Field, a portion of Upper Lodge Farm, and another of the same name belonging to Birstye in the Tithe Map of 1842, and lies along the pathway to Birstye not far from Jericho Barn. This barn was built by Mr. Jollands of Buxshalls some 50 or more years ago; but whether it got its name from its remoteness, as a good illustration of the expression “Go to Jericho”, is not recorded in the annals of the parish!

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