Double holding of land

Reference has already been made to the strange double holding of land from the Manors of Ditchling and Wakehurst at the same time. A remarkable instance of this occurs in the case of Grace Poulter, widow, whose holding is recorded in the Wakehurst Court Rolls as follows :-

At this court the lord (Sir William Culpeper) being present in court, by the humble petition of Grace Poulter widow, and out of his mere kindness, granted to the aforesaid Grace one cottage and a little piece of land adjoining now enclosed and lying upon the southern side of the highway leading from Ardingley Street to Hapstead Green; to have and to hold the aforesaid cottage etc. to the aforesaid Grace Poulter and her heirs. To which same Grace Poulter, present in court, the Lord by his steward granted seisin thereof by the rod to have and to hold the cottage etc. by copy of court roll at the will of the lord according to the customs of the manor aforesaid by fealty, suit of court, rent by the year 2/6 payable yearly, heriot 2/6, relief 2/6 when it should fall after the death of every tenant seized thereof in fee simple or in tail, G.P. was admitted tenant and did fealty. This with consent of the tenants.

Court held at Wakehurst 5 Nov. 1664.

The remarkable fact is that an entry to the same effect is found in the Court Book of Ditchling Manor at the same date giving Grace Poulter the same house.


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