Fulling Mill Farm


Adjoining Stone on the south is Fulling Mill Farm, so called to distinguish it from the Fulling Mill Cottages, once the Hammer, on the S.W. border of Ardingly. It has not been identified at present with any of the early holdings in the records, but we find it in the possession of Richard Backshall at his death in 1575 under its present name and in the occupation of his son John. Richard gives instructions in his will to his eldest son Nicholas to carry out “the reparations of the fulling mill and also to fynde meete and drynke sufficient for the workmen and labourers“. The remains of this mill are no longer easy to find, but the late Mr. John Stuart was aware of them. This mill must not be confused with Stone Mill.

Fulling Mill Farm was purchased in 1600 by Edward Culpeper from Nicholas Backshall, grandson of Richard, together with Brooklands, a portion of the Manor of South Malling which lies along both sides of the brook from Fulling Mill Farm towards Cobb Lane, the western side of the brook being in Ardingly. After its purchase in 1600 it formed part of the Wakehurst estate for a couple of centuries, but was never a member of that manor. It seems to have been called Brook House at one time, as the farm house from which Brooklands was worked, but it must not be confused with the house in West Hoathly lower down the valley.

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