Hoad Lane

We will now return to the boundary of Ardingly which cuts the high road at the top of the hill above Little Lywood and passes on towards the south. The lane which forms the boundary was in existence before the limits of the parish were defined, and its name, Hoad Lane, is so old that we have forgotten the meaning. The Survey of Sussex place-names is now being done, and in a year or two we shall have much light thrown on names which at present seem dull and uninteresting.

It is somewhat odd that though this lane is often a quagmire of black mud and in consequence little used, the adjoining wood is called Whiteway Wood. But we must remember that it was the entrance to one of the chief houses in the neighbourhood, and it is not impossible that in ancient days the road may have been hard and white with chalk. As we pass along the lane we have the Park on our right, a beautiful sloping pasture with trees dotted about it which reminds us of the departed glories of the house which lies nearly half-a-mile from the road.

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