New Houses

The houses on the south side of Street Lane adjoining Knowles are all modern. The two stone-built ones are of 19th century date and were built when the increase in farming needed the extension of buildings, in this case Knowles (now Old Knowles) had a new barn, still existing in the farm buildings in Street Lane, and these two cottages were therefore called New Barn Cottages. When Old Knowles was converted into a private house by Lady Downshire the farmer of Knowles lived in one of these cottages. Lady Downshire built the four cottages opposite which preserve her name as “Downshire Terrace”. The house now called Knowles, sometime Whitegates and formerly New Knowles, was built by the Peytons in the early 60’s of the last century. It stands in Cheeseman’s meadow, a name which takes us back to the 16th century, when the family of that name was prominent in the life of the village of that day.

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