As we go down Town House Lane there are several names that are worth recording. On the east of the lane opposite Kitfield (Knowles Mead) there is a large arable field called Paradise. It is not an uncommon name, and we have another in the parish near Copyhold Lane. Paradise is the name given to the Monks’ burial place, adjoining the monastery, but there is no possibility of this being the origin of this name when given to fields. The writer is inclined to think that the name has been given to mark the best field of the farm to which it belongs, but evidence is almost impossible to obtain, as field names are most rarely used in ancient documents, the land being dealt with as a whole unless there is a dispute about some particular field. There are various theories being worked upon regarding field names, but at the moment it is useless to discuss possibilities. The only matter which should be recorded here is that the little shaw adjoining Paradise on the south and bordering the cart track turning to the east is called Heavenlies Shaw. [Correction: Heavenlies Shaw is the little wood to the south-east of Paradise, and lies to the right of the footpath leading towards the College from Knowles. It stands on the brow of the hill overlooking Saucelands, and the neighbouring field is also Heavenlies.]

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