The next name which calls for attention as we go further south is Withylands. Consisting now of a barn and a few sheds it can hold its own in the matter of history with any place in the parish. We get the first mention of it in 1296, when William atte Wythy paid the tax of 2s. as a villein or tenant of Hugh Bardolf, owner of the manor of Strete, of which manor Withylands remained a member ‘till its enfranchisement about 1880. We find another mention of it in 1366 in a Bailiff’s account of the manor, when it was held by Robert atte Wythie. In 1377 John atte Wythy gets into trouble, with others, in a poaching affray, and so his name is recorded on the patent Rolls of that date.

The next entry contains a conundrum still unsolved. In a law suit concerning Berry in the 16th century the lane adjoining Berry on the north is described as “the way leading to Ivery gate into Wydyland“. Where was Ivery gate? Perhaps it was at the top of the West Hoathly side of Cobb Lane, where the lane branches off to Pickerage and eventually comes out at Berry. But we have no proof. Another name which existed, probably in the same neighbourhood, down to 1835 is “Image Cross”. It would be interesting to be able to place them both.

Withylands passes through the families of Payne, Chapman, Pilbeam, Allingham, Wickering and Clifford. In 1792 it was used by the Parish as a Smallpox Hospital, when 19 people were banished there at a cost to the rates of £14 18s. 7d. In 1721 and 1727 the Parish also made use of it, though the actual purpose is not stated.

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