Leonard Keir Hett – Architecture

Projects LKH was known to have been involved with, although many more are likely to have been worked on:

1932St Andrew’s ChurchMoulescoombe, Sussex
1957St Clement with St Peter ChurchDulwich
1958Christ the King ChurchSouth Patcham, Brighton
1954-55Church of the Ascension ChurchPeacehaven
1955St Thomas ChurchCamber
1956All Saints ChurchFindon Valley
1937-38St Richard’s ChurchHaywards Heath
1930sSt Peter’s ChurchSouthwick
1938St Peter’s ChurchFishersgate, Portslade
Llangattock School of Arts and Crafts for Crippled GirlsChailey Chailey Heritage
Chailey Girls’ Heritage Chapel (St Helen’s)Chailey Chailey Heritage
1942Heritage War Work for Blitzed BabesChailey Chailey Heritage
Heritage Craft Schools and HospitalsChailey Chailey Heritage
Dog kennel conversion to bungalowStonehurst, ArdinglyMrs
Fire Station conversion to bungalowLindfield
1920Billiards Room and Servants’ HallHigh Coombe, BalcombeMr J Spedan Lewis
1928BawtryArdinglyArnold I Hett
1924Home for Village NurseArdinglyJ Stuart, Esq CBE
1926Pair of Cottages in College RdArdingly(Self)
1927Wrought iron GatesWoodmancote Place, Henfield, SussexMrs H Davies
1928Broadhurst ManorHorstead Keynes, Sussex
1936College Gates (Coronation)Ardingly CollegeArdingly College
1937Proposed additions to Junior House & Proposed additions to Junior House BArdingly CollegeArdingly College
1939Science BlockArdingly CollegeArdingly College
1944Proposed New RectoryArdingly
1945Proposed Housing EstateArdinglyEH Munnion Esq
1945Domestic Staff QuartersArdingly CollegeArdingly College
1945Proposed Memorial to Canon JL Brack, St Peter’sArdingly
1946South Chapel FittingsLindfield
1946Doctor’s Waiting Room, Attlee CottageArdingly
1947Altar and Rails, Crypt ChapelArdingly CollegeArdingly College
1947Engraved ChairArdingly CollegeArdingly College
1950Hapstead Hall, British Legion HQArdingly
1951Bus Shelter, Festival of BritainArdingly
1951Suggested Parapet to Chapel TowerArdingly CollegeArdingly College
1952Pump House Bus ShelterArdingly
1953Pair of CottagesArdinglyEH Munnion Ltd
1953Bay Window, Attlee CottageArdingly
1954Pair of BungalowsArdinglyMessrs L Nunn & B Dean
1955Memorial Screen, St Peter’sArdingly
1956Proposed Housing developmentArdinglyEH Munnion Ltd
1956Proposed BungalowArdinglyRJ Costen Esq
1956Three pairs of bungalowsArdinglyEH Munnion Ltd
1957Kitfield CottageArdingly
1960Dining Hall PanellingArdingly CollegeArdingly College
1961Proposed Caretaker’s Flat, Hapstead HallArdingly
1968Suggested Improvements to British Legion Club, Hapstead HallArdinglyHapstead Hall Trustees
1968Proposed Addition, OakviewArdinglyMr & Mrs Leslie Novelle
1977Jubilee Bus ShelterArdingly

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